Alloy & Rim Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate-1 Litre

Rs. 1,500.00 Incl. taxes




Innovative Eco Friendly Degreaser Concentrate solution which cleans   all exterior/ interior  vehicle surfaces for stain & oils.

-No Water Required.

Ideal for Cleaning  Oil tough stains.

Fast and easy to use, simply spray, wipe remove Oil & Grease.

Directions for ready-to-use product:  

1. Mist spray of Autosardar De greaser onto a folded microfiber cloth and onto the surface area to be cleaned.

2. Gently wipe the product onto the surface with pre-wetted folded microfibre cloth.

3. Using a second clean folded microfibre cloth, quickly, buff off the remaining residue to impart a deep gloss shine. Replace cloths if they become too soiled.

4. Repeat process until the stained  vehicle area  is cleaned.

5.Designed to remove the toughest bugs and road grime

6. Can be used in the sun, but for best results use in the shade out of direct sunlight. Can also be used on a wet or dry surface.

7.Safe to use on paintwork, glass, exterior plastic trim of cars

8.Safe on Alloy Wheels & Rim, Engine Room, Wheel Arch Cleaning.

9.Can be used on heavily soiled surfaces with a build-up of mud, caked-on sand or any other abrasive materials.

10. Inclusive of GST

Technical Specification :

Technology : A blend of surfactants and vegetable yeast in a water base.
Composition  Non hazardous
Appearance : Free flowing liquid
Colour : Colourless
Odour : Pungent
S.G. : 1.00
Shelf Life : One years in opened containers
 Product : Alloy Cleaner and Degreaser
Packaging : 1 Litre–  (Dilution 50 ml in 1 litre of water )

Free Shipping : Via Blue Dart Delivery within 7 days doorstep

Delivery within 7 days Pan India

Payments : (Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking)

Cancellation : Refunds  in 14 days  once product returned to seller.

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