1. Car Cleaning Brush handle in line with manual design, it is soft, comfortable, non-slip, even in the wet time to ensure grip.

2. The auto brush has a round head and a solid bristle, for the edge and other difficult to reach the place can also be deep cleaning.

3. Our product variety, handle made of high quality PP material, with plastic grip part can play the role of anti-skid.

Advantages of the product:

1. The material used in the product is green, quality and excellent guarantee, and nice, decontamination ability.

2. Car Cleaning Brushes are available for ac duct cleaning, alloy , grill & chrome cleaning   if you are interested, you can contact us to learn more product information.

3. We can quickly supply the Car Cleaning Brush .

Remove any dust or dirt on your car without damaging  Alloy,  Tyres, Engine Room.

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