WaterLess Car Wash Company In India

Autosardar -is a company of social inclusion, which has declared its fundamental values as reduction of the negative impact of the automobile sector on the environment.

It is committed to  the best  eco friendly car  wash solutions for environmental protection & ways to improve the substances used to the moment in car wash.

Eco Friendly Car Wash  Concentrate Products   benefits of Periodic Cleaning of  Exterior / Upholstery /Car Interior for a healthy living.

Autosardar has the technology to provide the most convenient premium hand car wash  while protecting the environment   & same time providing lakhs of jobs.

Autosardar has generated 5000 direct Entrepreneurs  in Waterless Car Wash & Car Detailing  in(India) Spread Across – Mumbai. Bangalore, Kolkatta, Delhi, Jaipur Chennai ,Hyderabad, Calicut, Pune,Nashik & by 2020 we aim to Provide Permanent Self Employment to One Lac Entrepreneurs In India

Solution – Autosardar car wash concentrate products contain natural ingredients such as carnauba wax, the world’s natural protective wax & other natural surfactants.

Our Car Wash Product Philosophy is to built highly dilatable product rather then  sell lower concentrated products at lower price  in 10 kg pack for bulk use.

Autosardar  Waterless Car Wash   products are totally non hazardous, making them extremely user friendly, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous for road & air freight transportation.

Our Eco-Friendly products, almost anyone  can clean their car, indoor or outdoor. You will not get dirty or wet, therefore it is like cleaning your  kitchen at home.

 “Waterless Car Wash  In India”. Save Water Wash Car!

 Alternative for saving national treasure  water for Car wash

Apartment or Society can buy our Products & Employ car washing guys to save water autosardar training provided ! 

For Details   whats    8454015532

email : contact@autosardar.com


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Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution

Waterless Less Eco Car Wash