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Auto Sardar – Car Dash Board Shine Concentrate- 10 Kg

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Auto Sardar – Nano Ceramic Waterless Wash- 10 Kg

Autosardar’s-Car Showroom Shine Autosardar Showroom Shine is the ultimate professional spray and showroom shine valeting product, imparting a superior all round finish to all vehicle surfaces. Endorsed by leading motoring magazines Showroom shine is uniquely formulated to seal in that long lasting, smear-free, deep showroom shine finish to paintwork,glass, plastic and chrome from your …

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Autosardar – Car Glass Cleaner Concentrate-10 Kg

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AutoSardar-Odour Eliminator Concentrate- 10 Kg

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Advance Technology Water Less Cleaning and Detailing System
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
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Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution

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