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Social commitment is the most fundamental value of the enterprise culture of Autosardar.  was founded after its  team  found  out that in a dry year, people still went on washing their cars with water, while for the 10 preceding years a method of waterless  car wash cleaning has existed. Team started exploring the possibilities of implementation  of this method but had to face the fact that chemical products were being used, which had a detrimental effect on the environment. Then team decided to continue in the ecological cleaning without water.  That’s the reason why sustainable development is one of its strategic priorities. Apart from water economization, the company autosardar team has also implemented a management of the environment which builds up on its success taking into consideration the human rights and environmental protection. has made the subject of its main activity the search of the best solutions related to environmental protection such as:
  • Waterless Car Wash.
  • Use of detergents with 100% plant origin – extracted from citrus fruits, essential oils, beet alcohol for the glass-cleaning detergents, etc
  • Investigation and use of recycled and biodegradable components with insignificant impact on the environment.
  • Recycling: use of the water obtained from the drying of the towels (used for diluting the cleaning detergents)
  • Separate collection of the waste materials. 
  • On a national level the company plans  economized 100 million litres of water in 1 years in india
  • Autosardar sells its green washing detergents, which are entirely biodegradable (they have a full degradation of 28 days)
  • Autosardar provides  employment & integration of unemployed people in the country in special focus on rural india employment for car wash
  • Established in 2012, Autosardar provides work and social inclusion of 05 people a year within its 1 franchisee enterprises in India
Benefits for the company and the society:
Autosardar has declared its main values – innovations, social responsibility, and environmental protection. on  commencement of work, the employees go through a training connected to the responsibility of the nature.

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