Automobile Workshop Car Clean

“Dealer  Car Wash”- Save Water Wash Car !

Car Wash- a unique “HandWash” pampered by Eco Friendly Wash in 20 minutes flat for any automobile dealer workshop with Interior Vaccuming & Waterless Car Wash –

Wash Any where !  No Washing Bay Required.

SAVE Water , SAVE Space, Save Time !

Why Autosardar ?

Autosardar Car Wash is Eco Friendly Hand Wash -Saving Water Trains for Exisitng Car Wash Executives or Contractor for Eco Friendly Car Wash

No Water Required For Car Wash Interior & Exterior. Better Result then Water Wash .

Autosardar   Benefits:

  • Eco Easy Car Wash Detailed Operation- Manuals and Processes.
  • Supply & Apply Model
  • No Muncipal Audit for Eco Wash Products.
  • Workshop gets  training for Eco Wash Program with out water.
  • Simple Car Cleaning Process- no water required.
  • Save on Carbon Footprint.
  • Special Exterior & Interior Cleaning Product.
  • 100% Saving of Electricity & Water In Dealership
  • Dealer Workshop can get a complete guidance on Eco Wash.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index of Washing 98% Satisfactory.
  • FADA Member

Autosardar Direct – If you are interested in the Dealership Workshop Washing   concept, do contact as soon as possible on 8454015532.

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Advance Technology Water Less Cleaning and Detailing System
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
Multipurpose Cleaner
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution

Waterless Less Eco Car Wash