Autosardar Premium Polish

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Product Description

Autosardar Premium Polish

Versatile, Water-Based Polish effortlessly replenishes and helps prolong the vehicles enhanced appearance by resisting road dirt, leaving the vehicle’s polished surface significantly easier to clean.

Autosardar Premium Polishan outstanding easy application fast action polish designed to deliver an incredible instant deep wet gloss finish and provide outstanding extended protection to treated surfaces.

ARevolutionary Technology: Super high gloss, non-abrasive emulsion polish with unrivalled new Nano Technology for extended wax protection and dirt repelling capabilities.

Directions for ready-to-use product:

Easy to Apply: Outstanding results from simply wiping on and polishing off.

Durable: Imparts a deep ‘wet-look’ gloss and shine lustre, combined with unrivalled durability significantly above that of conventional polishes.

Low Chalk: Minimizes rubber and plastic staining – Totally eradicating dusting problems.

User/Environment Friendly: Unique water based formulation contains no aromatic solvents.

Directions for use: Shake well before use.

Apply Autosardar Premium  Polish sparingly to clean cool surfaces with soft microfibre polishing cloth.

Buff to beautiful shine with a dry microfibre polishing cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight.


Typical Specification :

Composition : A blend of surfactants/ solubilizers in a water base.
Appearance : Free flowing liquid
Colour : Colourless
Odour : Characteristic
S.G. : 1.00
Shelf Life : Two years in unopened containers
 Product  : Eco Friendly
Packaging : 1 Litres

Shipping : Actuals.

Payments : (Credit card, Debit card, Online Bank Transfer)

Returns : 100% Refunded

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