Silicon Carbide Coated Abrasive Sheet No 2000

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Our  Sanding Screen Sheet is frequently used in white metal repair operations. Car bodies that have been welded together typically have oily surfaces, so the open mesh backing on this abrasive is useful.

Stamping operations frequently leave imperfections on car panels.  Sand Paper products are used to sand lightly on the car panels & glass causing high spots to shine a little brighter. The screen cloth works well because the oily surface does not load.

Directions for ready-to-use product:

Silicon Carbide Coated Abrasive Mesh 
A hard and brittle mineral, silicon carbide fractures easily, resulting in freshly exposed sharp edges that cut extra fast and produce a smooth, professional-looking finish. Silicon carbide products are commonly used for low-pressure applications such as paint prep and finishing on wood and metal. While it wears faster than aluminum oxide, it produces a superior finish.

Typical Specification :

Composition  : Silcon carbide mineral cuts sharp, fast
Working   : Works Best with Light Pressure
Application  : Polishing, Cleaning , Repair Use wet sheet 
Colour : Grey Sheet
Purpose : Finishing & Polishing
Handling  : Hand sanding 
Shelf Life : Two years in unopened Paper Box
 Product  : General Purpose Cleaning & Blending
Packaging : Pack of 12 pieces 


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Payments : (Credit card, Debit card, Online Bank Transfer)


Cancellations : Refunds  in 14 days  once product returned to seller.


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