Car Washing & Detailing Course -3 Days

Rs. 30,000.00 exc. taxes



Car Washing &  Detailing is a unique industry which requires passion, knowledge and skill. So having passion and investing on knowledge is very important to be successful in car detailing business.


We provide professional car washing & detailing training and help people to start their business in car detailing. This training comprises theory & practical classes, and topics from the basics of detailing to application of high-end sealant coatings.

 We provide professional training to the budding washing & detailers in India and help them to be the success in the car care  business.

The customized training is currently being provided at Pune


Topics :


Whats is Car  Washing &  Detailing ?

Techincal Information For Various Machine & Tools in Car Care Industry

How To Use Various Machine & Tools 

Knowledge of Different Car Paint Technology

Inspection of Car For Washing and Detialing

Technics of Interior Car Cleaning

Technics of Exterior Car, Glass  Cleaning & Polishing

Technical Specification :

Technology : Car Care Latest Technology Training 
Days   : 3
Location  : Pune
Training Cost  : Rs. 30,000/-
Boarding Cost  : Self 
Lunch /Dinner  : Self 
Training Program : June / November / March ( Quarterly )
 Product : Autosardar 
Training Arena  : Washing & Detaiing 


Delivery within 7 days Pan India

Payments : (Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking)

Cancellation : Refund within 7 days 

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