AutoSardar – CarCarpet Cleaner

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Autosardart’s -Car Carpet Cleaner

“CarCarpet”-Upholstery Cleaner is an ultra quick reacting concetrated formula suitable for cleaning carpets, fabrics, hard plastics and painted surfaces, by effortlessly removing light to heavy ingrained stains and odours caused by oil, beverages, various foods, blood, chocolate, grease and traffic soiling. Powerful economic formula for fast, effective stain removal, leaving treated surfaces like new and revitalising stale interiors.

Directions for ready-to-use product:

1. Advanced formulation suitable for hand or machine use.

2. Simply  apply with trigger, sponge or low pressure spray to the surface to be cleaned, wipe area throughly  vaccum clean carpet,

3. For ingrained heavy soiling agitate with a soft brush.

4.Product Liquid  for Steam Cleaning of Carpets.

Technical Specification :

Composition : A blend of surfactants/ solubilizers in a water base.
Appearance : Free flowing liquid
Colour : Colourless
Odour : Characteristic
S.G. : 1.00
Shelf Life : Two years in unopened containers
 Product  : Eco Friendly
Packaging : 235 ML HDPE Bottle


Shipping :Free Shipping.


Payments : (Credit card, Debit card, Online Bank Transfer)


Returns : 100% Refunded

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