Engine Coat is a Lacquer coating on Engine Block .

  • Care should be taken that the spray gun being used for doing Engine Coating is done under supervision.
  • Vehicle has to be clean one to apply Engine Coating.
  • To achieve a transparent and shiny Engine Coating the thickness of the film should be maximum of 40 microns ( a thin film )
  • Air Presuure Required -4 -5 Bar Pressure
  • Engine Coat has to be sprayed on complete Engine Block  Avoid fan belt moving parts and Sensors 
  • Please Ensure over spray of engine  coating is avoided as it quick drys.
  • Kindly mask Fender and other area which are not to be treated
  • Solvent to be used in case of over spray -Xylene
  •  Easy spray-on application

 Directions for ready-to-use product:

Simply Spray Engine Coat on Clean Engine Block  directly onto surface to be treated  & leave it to dry.

Technical Specification :

Viscosity   :  23°C: 800 mPas
Drying Time  :  1  Hours 
Colour : Water White
Viscosity : 35-40 Sec at 30° c
Removability:  : Xylene
Shelf Life : One years in unopened containers
Packaging :  5 KG  (Ready to Use)

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