Autosardar -Waterless Car Wash

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AutoSardar Instant AutoWash is a totally ground  breaking environmentally and User friendly waterless car wash that can be used to clean and highly polish any part of the car, motorcycle, boat and caravan exterior surfaces. This unique pleasantly fragranced formula enables the user to clean and polish the whole car exterior anywhere without water or compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish.  any place and everywhere the waterless green way, by fully negating the use of water without compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish and whilst caring for our environment.

Instant Auto Wash – contains many different natural ingredients including special wetting agents, lubricants, unique water-based high grade polymers and protectants bringing a truly breathtaking formula to the Auto cleaning, polishing, detailing and valeting world. Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol. Instant Autowash  does so much more than just clean, polish and shine your vehicle it brings out the natural brilliant colour pigments in your paintwork and protects it from both natural and manufactured harmful elements whilst helping to protect our environment. Effortless showroom shine created on exterior paintwork.

Directions for ready-to-use product:


Shake well before use. Quick and easy to apply simply spray initially onto a clean folded microfibre cloth to moisten. Then spray evenly on to the area to be cleaned, gently wipe off from target area and then quickly buff the same area with a second folded microfibre cloth to a beautiful shine. Continue process until you have effortlessly cleaned and polished the entire vehicle.

Techincal Specification :

Composition : A complex blend of surfactants and waxes in a water base.
Appearance : Free flowing liquid
Colour : Orange
Odour : Fruit
S.G. : 1.00
Shelf Life : Two years in unopened containers
 Product : Eco Friendly
Packaging : 235 ML HDPE Bottle


Shipping : Actuals.


Payments : (Credit card, Debit card, Online Bank Transfer)


Returns : 100% Refunded



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