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How to become Autosardar Stockist

Hey ! Just call on 9789821752 Autosardar Team will take care of Rest !

Where can I use Autosardar Car Wash Products?

You can use them absolutely anywhere and everywhere you choose; indoors, outdoors and even in direct sunlight or wet conditions and on all types of  cars, motorbikes, trucks, coaches,  any surface you can imagine Autosardar products will clean and deliver … Continue reading

Do Autosardar Products clean good as conventional shampoo ?

They work even better as the special ingredients contained in Autosardar waterless scratch-free formulations liquefy and break down dirt on the surface of the car, which is then easily wiped away and then buffed  with a microfibre cloth to create … Continue reading

Are Autosardar wash products bad for the environment?

Definitely NOT as all Autosardar products contain no hazardous ingredients unlike those contained in most conventional style products such as petroleum, acids etc. which all have environmental impact and in addition there is no run-off from waterless washing as there is no … Continue reading

Can Autosardar product’s be used in indian conditions?

Hot Climate : Chennai, Hyderabad. Autosardar products can be applied in hot  sunlight however for optimum application conditions we recommend applying the product either in a shaded area or in  a workshop or showroom. When applying in  sunlight spray a … Continue reading

How Do i Clean Exterior of Car with Autosardar

1. Spot Cleaning Before washing the exterior of your vehicle, begin by spot cleaning of any particularly greasy, sticky, or dirty areas. Autosardar Multi-Purpose cleaner and degreaser is a great choice for tackling bird droppings, grease spots, bugs or tree … Continue reading

How Do i Clean Interior of Car with Autosardar

Begin cleaning the interior by removing any trash or debris, shaking out floor mats. Next, thoroughly vacuum the vehicle’s interior. 1.Autosardar  Multi-Purpose Wipe Down Using Multipurpose clean, remove grime from the dashboard, consoles, car interior doors, trim, vinyl, and most … Continue reading

What Is Water less Hand Wash ?

Definition borrowed from A. A technique used to wash a vehicle without the use of water (also called a autosardar waterless car wash). This technique uses a product that contains many different ingredients, including wetting agents , lubricants and … Continue reading

Why do Autosardar Waterless Wash ?

There are many reasons why using a “autosardar waterless car wash” product to clean your car, boat, motorcycle and RV is a good idea. Here are a few here: 1. Save Water: According to the EPA, the average person will … Continue reading

Will Autosardar Products Stratch My Car ?

Absolutely NOT as long as you use our products correctly with our high quality microfiber towels. The technology of the products has a 10 year history in the UK and USA  have been thoroughly tested. Autosardar car clean lifts the … Continue reading

when to use water to rinse,when there is visible sand on surface that can stratch the paint?

You can use a  dry microfibre  to pick up dust away and then follow up with the waterless wash that can be used on clean surfaces. The normal caked dust/ dirt can be dissolved with the Autosardar washes.    

Can i use any cloth then Autosardar Microfibre ?

No. You have to use our high quality, heavy weight and durable microfiber towels for maximum absorption and cleaning power.  

My car is very dirty can i wash it with autosardar products ?

Yes, you can. We recommend you to use more product and replace your microfiber towels often.    

Is Autosardar Products harmful ?

NO. Autosardar  car care products is safe for the environment and safe for the people who use it. cleans properly will not cause any eye or skin rash, neither breath disorder. You can safely clean your car in a closed … Continue reading

How Often should i wash my car with Autosardar

Depending on how often you use your car, we recommend washing your car once every 15 days.

How long does it take to wash a vehicle with Autosardar ?

Autosardar Products takes  20 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of your vehicle with out water.

Can i wash without water using Autosardar ?

Spray our eco-friendly product, Autosardar car product, onto the paint surface. Special organic polymers dissolve the dirt particles on contact, lifting them from the paint surface to protect from scratching. Gently wipe off the dirt residue with a micro-fiber cloth. … Continue reading

What is Autosardar’s Microfiber Technology For Automobiles ?


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Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
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Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution

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