Save Water

This survey will tell you about how much water your family uses daily. Your family may need to help with some of the answers. If you have water saving appliances or toilets, your water use may be less than some amounts on the chart. Answer all the questions that apply to you, click on the button labeled Compute Totals, and then scroll down for your usage.


Showers - How many showers does your family take a day?
About how long is each one?
How many baths does your family take a day?
pick from list -->
Toilets - How many times does your family usually flush the toilet each day?
Brushing Teeth - How many family members do you have?
Average times a day each one brushes?
Hand Dishwashing - How many times a day does your family wash dishes?
How long does the water run each time?
Dishwasher - Number of times a week does your family run the dishwasher?
Laundry - How many loads of Laundry does your family use each week?
Outside Watering - How many times a week does your family water the lawn?
For how many minutes?
How many times a week do you wash car/boat/driveway?
For how long?
Other Uses - Your family also uses water in other ways.
What would you say the average daily amount of water used in these activities would be?
Your Results
  Water Activity Average usage Total / day Total/month
  Showers 5 gallons/minute
  Baths Gallons/use
  Toilet Flushes 6 gallons/flush
  Tooth brushing 3 gallons/minute
  Hand Dishwashing 3 gallons/minute
  Dishwasher 30 gallons/use
  Laundry 48 gallons/use
  Lawn Watering 10 gallons/minute
  Other Outside Usage 10 gallons/minute
of water each day
of water each month
Gallons of Water Used in 1 YEAR = AVERAGE TOTAL

Water conservation saves water, energy and money.

The average Indian uses 175 gallons of water each day -- about 65 more gallons per day than the average American.

What do you do with your 65 additional gallons? Do you drink more, do more laundry, wash your car more, water your lawn more? The answer is likely-all of the above- plus a myriad of other reasons related to our warm climate. Here's the irony: Survey shows that 80 percent of our customers believe water conservation is critical, yet they continue to use nearly three gallons of water per hour more than the average American.

For several years, India's rainfall has been below normal. Lack of rain has caused record low levels in out underground drinking water supply. The average adult needs only 2.5 quarts of water a day to maintain health, but each person in India uses about 120 to 150 gallons of water a day. And, with thousands of people moving to out state each month, future demand on fresh water supplies will continue to increase. That's why it's important to use water wisely (whether there's a drought or not) in our homes, schools and businesses.By conserving water today, we can do our part to keep water pure and plentiful for future generations. By following a few simple steps, a typical family can save 50,000 to 100,000 gallons of water each year.

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