What makes AutoSardar® products “Green” ?

Our products contain  safe high performance ingredients and together with the waterless cleaning concept that our products are formulated, ensures they deliver a sustainable showroom finish which dramatically reduces carbon footprints.

Autosardar products are water-based and due to this important factor enables them to be used on a wet or dry surface, unlike many of our competitiors products that are petroleum-based, kerosene based or use mineral spirits and begs the question “How can they be “Green or Environmentally-Friendly?”

AutoSardar states that cleaning a vehicle, at home in your driveway, using soap and a water hose, can waste up to 150 litres  of water per car wash. The dirt, traffic film and grime that adheres to a vehicles exterior surfaces can be a combination of soilage, oils, grease and other substances such as exhaust fumes and brake dust. The dirty soap and excess water run off can contaminate local waterways, floor soils. Most cities require commercial operations to use an oil-water separator to filter the contaminated water when cleaning their fleet vehicles on their premise. An automatic car wash uses about 150 litres of water   per car wash, wastes vast amount of energy and requires an oil/ water separator. Hard Water have also been known to scratch and damage the exterior surface of cars. Some automatic car washes flush the “grey” water into the sanitary system and others go into the storm drains.

The “waterless” cleaning concept is truly “Green”. It conserves precious water, protects the local resources and has little to no effect on the environment and community. We would like to add that Autosardar® Waterless Car Wash products can be applied virtually anywhere and everytime, with outstanding performance and protection capabilities and extremely user-friendly.

No massive amounts of water used or wasted

* No impact on the environment

* No contamination of the water ways, soils or the cleaning locations.

The process of cleaning a vehicle with Autosardar® Professional Waterless Products maximises “human” efficiency and eliminates waste, as it does not involve water or electricity and therefore vastly saving energy, natural & man-made resources.

The slick and non-stick surface our products deliver ensures the treated vehicle surfaces will stay clean for longer before needing cleaned again. The anti-static properties bounce the dirt, dust and repel water for days. This will result in less cleaning per vehicle, per month and therefore saving time, effort and money whilst giving the vehicle a premium shine.

In summary: Cleaning with Autosardar Waterless Car Wash products are considered “green” because of their safe and non-hazardous properties and the concept and application method of cleaning without the need for water or electricity driven machinery.

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Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution
Total Water Less Cleaning and Detailing Solution

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